hi i'm an orbit and i really love loona; loona is the only thing that keeps me alive every day
please don't stream; the girls don't get anything for it
i love all of the members and all of their songs too (and it's too hard to pick a bias but my current bias line is HaYeoViVes)
i love orbits
loona ot12 forever

my epic pages with great quality code

loona permuter
heavily modded char8.js
starbound color text renderer
ersatz mp3 player
two-way extension of seconds and thirds
(.json file) blockberry creative save for modded sandboxels
(html/click-to-copy) blockberry creative save for modded sandboxels
pseudo-bowers illion name generator
dumb html image loader
EoD paths
Sandboxels mods
Sandboxels worldgen
ChatGPT Kep1er
JS bookmarklets
Roman numeral thing
R74moji renderer

not epic code


Semi-ult: Kep1er
Stan: Girls' Generation, TWICE, BLACKPINK
Sub-stan: Dreamcatcher, IVE, IZ*ONE, EVERGLOW, STAYC
Just became interested in: 2NE1, Apink, April, Red Velvet, aespa, fromis_9
Backlog: ALICE, Billlie, Cherry Bullet, cignature, CLC, CSR, DIA, DreamNote
It's complicated: NewJeans

antis, akgaes dni (especially bahiyyih antis)
i have stanned loona for about a lot of seconds

and a
this page would be even more obnoxious if we still had <blink> tags