Hello. :3 I'm an Orbit and I really love Loona.
Please do not stream songs released under Blockberry Creative (BBC), their former agency. Not only do the twelve members not get paid from it, but the money that BBC receives will fund continued legal action against the members; just recently BBC appealed Chuu's contract nullification again.
As Orbits return to streaming pre-split Loona songs on official platforms, each one thinking that "it's just me so it will be fine" or "BBC only gets 0.3 cents anyway", then a lot of people will contribute money to BBC over time and the money will go towards persecuting Loona. This does not apply to songs released under Modhaus, ATRP, CTD ENM, or Paix Per Mil.
i love all of the members and all of their songs too (and it's too hard to pick a bias but my current bias line is HaYeoViVes)
i love orbits
loona ot12 forever

my epic pages with great quality code

Many of the links below are outdated because I forgot and/or didn't have the time to update them and I don't even know where to start. They should still work but are missing some things.
loona permuter Outdated
heavily modded char8.js Outdated
starbound color text renderer
ersatz mp3 player Outdated
two-way extension of seconds and thirds
(.json file) blockberry creative save for modded sandboxels
(html/click-to-copy) blockberry creative save for modded sandboxels
Pseudo-Bowers illion name generator
Dumb HTML image loader
EoD paths
Sandboxels mods Outdated
Sandboxels worldgen
ChatGPT Kep1er Outdated
JS bookmarklets
Roman numeral thing
R74moji renderer
Sideways Discord text generator
Quick number summer
Online Niji keyboard
Test numerals

not epic code


Semi-ult: Kep1er
Stan: Girls' Generation, TWICE, BLACKPINK
Sub-stan (want to stan): Dreamcatcher, IVE, IZ*ONE, EVERGLOW, STAYC
Just became interested in: 2NE1, Apink, April, aespa, fromis_9, Hinatazaka46, ILLIT, Red Velvet, tripleS
Backlog: ALICE, Billlie, Cherry Bullet, cignature, CLC, CSR, DIA, DreamNote, ITZY, Mamamoo, Miss A
It's complicated (read: once Min Heejin is gone): NewJeans

antis, akgaes dni (especially bahiyyih and skz antis; member solo stans are fine unless they hate on a group's other members which makes them akgaes)
i have stanned loona for about 57 million seconds (about 669 days, or 95.6 weeks)


[https://viian.neocities.org/] [https://R74n.com/] [https://orbit-loona.github.io/]
this page would be even more obnoxious if we still had <blink> tags

if you actually played the game then i'm sorry