EoD paths

some paths to elements from elemental on discord, which you can pathfasa (we do a little trolling)

  1. theorem 1on.zip: proving that 1 is an ordinal using metamath (by sophie); compressed because github couldn't handle the text file
  2. jinsoul of eternity.zip: soul of eternity (by several users) but cooler
  3. basic macerator.txt: basic macerator: a gregtech machine that crushes things, contained in infinity ingot below (by sophie)
  4. draedon_s forge mk2.txt: draedon's forge mk2, a relatively early element of giga loop's GIGAVERSE, which is like the loonaverse but with more factorio and terraria mods (by GIGA LOOP)
  5. elemer skip.txt: air + air + earth + fire + fire + fire + water
  6. infinity ingot (of).zip: omnifactory's infinity ingot (orig. Avaritia), or the only ultimate i had fun grinding (by sophie)

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